Vanilla Slice

Next in my adventures in baking the great Australian classics – Vanilla Slice

confession until I made vanilla slice I’d only eaten it once and wasn’t overly impressed.

From what my friend Wikipedia tells me it’s based on a Mille Feuille. This is alternating layers of puff pastry and cream patisserie. A vanilla slice is a simplistic version of this – puff pastry on the bottom, a layer of delicious custard, topped with puff pastry and covered in delicious icing/

This recipes also for those who claim they can’t make custard, because its super easy and you can make custard.

puff pastry action

simple ingrediants for custard

all coming together in

Vanilla Slice

2 sheets puff pastry defrosted


5 tbls corn flour

3 cups of milk

3 tbls sugar

2 tsp vanilla essence

1/2 cup passionfruit pulp

2 cups icing mixture

preheat oven to 180 degrees

Prick puff pastry with a fork and place in oven. Bake until golden.

cut to size to fit in tin (in this case I used a square cake tin). line tin with a strip of foil or baking paper longer than width of tin (you need it over hang edges of tin). place one sheet of puff pastry on bottom of tin

Whisk eggs cornflour and milk in saucepan. heat over medium heat until it starts to become thick, then whisk in sugar and vanilla. You need the custard to be pretty thick so keep whisking until I gets there.

Pour custard into puff pastry lined tin. {Place second sheet of puff pastry on top.

Put passionfruit pulp into a bowl then mix in 1 cup of icing mixture, keep adding icing mmixture4 a little bit at a time till you get a thick icing, Spread icing over puff pastry. Place in fridge to set

Cut up, eat enjoy

*** if you want to make a pouring custard follow directions above but only use 3 tbls cornflour & 1 tsp vanilla, and heat till it coats back of spoon

*** you can replace passionfruit icing with icing of choice if passionfruit is not your thing

Passionfruit shortbread

I love passionfruits, there is something intoxicating about thier scent, its all tropcially and summery or maybe its just I always remember my grandmother serving sponge cake with passionfruit icing.

I also love shortbread so when I read this recipe which combined beautiful shortbread with passionfruit cream I knew it had to be made.  Plus at the moment passionfruits are in season and you pick up bags of them fairly cheap, perfect for making all things passionfruity

Lets make passionfruit shortbread

Of course we’ll be needing passionfruits

and food processing butter sugar, egg and flour

bake it till its beautiful

and sandwiching it together with amazing passionfruit cream

Passionfruit Shortbread

Recipe adapted from Julie Goodwin’s Our Family Table

125g unsalted butter

1 2/3 cups plain flour

125g sugar

pinch salt

1 egg

extra sugar to sprinkle

Passionfruit cream

2 tbs room temp unsalted butter

1 cup icing mixture

1 1/2 tbs passionfruit pulp

Preheat oven to 180 c. Grease spring form pan, I also like to line the base with baking paper.

In food processor process butter and flour until it looks like breadcrumbs. Add sugar, salt and then pulse to combine, add egg, pulse until combines and formed a dough.

Turnout onto floured surface and gather together with your hands

Press dough into prepared tin, rough up top with fork and sprinkle over extra sugar (about 1 tsp)

Bake for 30 mins or until lightly golden (which in my oven takes way longer than 30 mins). Cool in tin about 15 mins then release and slide off base onto cooling rack.

Make passion fruit cream by beating butter and icing sugar together in mixer until combined and add in passionfruit pulp a bit at a time. Mix it until its light and fluffy

Cut now cool shortbread into wedges and sandwich together with lashings of passionfruit cream.

Eat several pieces as it’s just so damn good