I’m Lucy cook, baker, tea drinker, wife and mother

I live in Adelaide, South Australia  near the sea.

I rather like to cook, but I love to bake, ask anyone who knows me I’m  known as a baker.  Now whether I’m a good cook or baker is another question, but what’s not to doubt is I am an enthusiastic with my cooking and baking. 

I grew up with a single mum who wasn’t so much into cooking (probably dead tired from being a single mother), so I am not sure I get my love of cooking and baking from.  But my mum did give me a love of fresh fruit and vegetables.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been a good cook or even an adventurous cook for long.  I guess I realised that as I was preparing nearly every meal I should try to make it good and try out new ideas and recipes.  I feel in my happy place in the Kitchen.  I read somewhere about cooking and baking being an expression of love for your friends and family and I tend to agree I love to take the time to make something delicious for the ones I care about.  I think it’s nice gesture.

I tend to focus on making things from scratch.  I think there is something excitingly experimental in say making cheese from milk and culture or bread with flour, yeast and water. 

I don’t drink coffee but love tea, and am most fond of a glass of wine, both of these things will more than likely feature on this blog along with an assortment of recipes and kitchen adventures and other assorted food adventures. 


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