Sundays with Joy – Zucchini and Potato Pancakes

I work 2 1/2 days a week. This leaves me with 2 /12 days a week where I’m not at work and my kids are at school. Now some might think I use this non working kid free time to watch trashy tv and drink cocktails in between napping or lunching with friends. I can only wish. I spend these days doing housework, grocery shopping, running errands, attending any appointments, basically doing mundane everyday stuff.

I never really make and effort with lunch on these days, its usually something quick with what I have on hand and sometimes I skip it as I can’t be bothered making anything.

However lunch on one of these days was different. This week the Sundays with Joy Facebook group made Zucchini and Potato Pancakes.

It was essentially a case of mixing all these ingredients together.

I served them with bacon and sour cream, they were amazing.

The whole thing of taking the time to make something delicious for lunch, sitting down in peace and quiet and taking time to enjoy the meal made a refreshing change to lunch. It reminded me that it nice to make the item to do something nice for myself

I made a couple of small amendments to the recipe and used 1 spring onion instead of the onion and self raising flour instead of the flour & baking powder. I also served it with bacon (high recommended),

For the recipe you’ll need the Joy the Baker cookbook

To see how others tackled the pancakes visit the blog link up hosted by Bakeaholic Mama

2 thoughts on “Sundays with Joy – Zucchini and Potato Pancakes

  1. I enjoy your blog and I often click through to your links but I don’t really care for the constant ads for Joy’s cookbook 😦

    • Thanks for the feedback. I really love the fact you take the time to read some of my posts.

      It hadn’t occurred to me it could be seen that way.

      Most of the recipes I post are adapted/modified from other recipes or are my own, so i post the recipe that I used. But where I’ve not altered a recipe I won’t post it as its bad etiquette/copyright. This has been the case with some of the Joy the Baker posts and hence why I’ve referenced the cookbook.

      The Sundays with Joy group is baking their way through her whole cookbook. For a variety of reasons I won’t be baking all the recipes but some, so there will be some posts on it. They’ll have Sundays with Joy in the title so feel free to skip them if you prefer

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